Thank you for supporting the 2018 plantings around the Inlet

Battle for the Banded Rail logoBattle for the Banded Rail is a Waimea Inlet Forum project working with local communities. It aims to increase the number of banded rail and other estuarine birds on the Waimea Inlet by restoring habitat and trapping predators.
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Battle for the Banded Rail has now completed its community planting for the season.   BandedRailPlanting

This was our 4th season of planting. Nine community plantings have been held, three student groups have planted and four more school planting days are planned in August.

Our tally for plants in the ground so far this year is 5,800, which brings our grand total in excess of 25,000 plants.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to make another successful planting season.WelcomeCuppa

Up until July we had mostly glorious winter planting mornings. We had to change plans a couple of times at short notice, and when light rain came during one or two of the mornings many planters kept working. Such a hardy bunch!

Some of our sites are getting close to capacity so we will be looking for new areas to extend plantings to in the near future.

If you are a landowner and keen to be involved, and your property on the estuary is a TDC reserve or an esplanade strip please get in touch so we can explore possibilities. We will start our fortnightly Friday morning weeding sessions in October.

Project Manager, Kathryn Brownlie

Phone Kathryn 544 4537


A big thanks to those of you who have been helping us with the Waimea Inlet Action Plan

Members of our Waimea Inlet Coordination Group have been working with the signatories of the Waimea Inlet Charter to plan specific future actions that need to be done to fulfil the hopes and aspirations in the Waimea Inlet Management Strategy.

Draft Action Plan

We have put together a draft Action Plan, and about fifty members of the Forum and interested individuals got together in a workshop to check through it.  We gathered lots of very useful feedback.  We also received a number of written comments.

Your comments

The many useful responses helped us to fine-tune the Plan.  A big thank you to all of you who have contributed.

Here is a link to the April 2018 version, which includes your input.

It is a living document, so it is likely to be tweaked further as time passes, but this version is pretty well there.

Update as at November 2018

We have done a bit more fine tuning since April and are now seeking formal endorsement from the signatories of the Charter.