Come and join us at a Community Planting Day on the Waimea Inlet in 2022

Sunday 7th August 9am – 1pm
Rabbit Island, Boat Ramp Bay Peninsula
Access from end of Boat Ramp Rd, on right after 98 Ken Beck Drive

Sunday 14th August 9am – 1pm
Estuary Place, Richmond
Access from Lower Queen St or from the cycleway

Sunday 21st August 9am – 1pm
Greenslade Park, Rough Island
Rough Island, turn right after gatekeeper’s house, 6 Ken Beck Drive

Sunday 28th August 9am – 1pm
Rabbit Island, Boat Ramp Bay
Turn right after 98 Ken Beck Drive depot, park at end of Boat Ramp Rd

Sunday 4th September 9am – 1pm
Greenslade Park
Rough Island, turn right at big no dogs sign. Near 98 Ken Beck Drive

Please bring gloves, spade and drinking water. Wear solid footwear and clothes suitable for the weather conditions. Morning tea will be provided.

Battle for the Banded Rail is a project working with local communities to increase the number of banded rail and other estuarine birds on the margins of the Waimea Inlet by restoring habitat and trapping predators.

For more information email us at or phone Kathryn 544 4537

Contact: Kathryn Brownlie
Phone: 03 544 4537

What about rising sea levels?

Tasman District Council have at last started on planning the district’s response to future sea level rise.

Here’s a link to their web page.

TDC illustration

Their attention will inevitably be focused on the effects of sea level rise on the people of the District.  However, their increasing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection means that they are also likely to listen to and act on our concerns about the future health of the Inlet.

The Waimea Inlet Strategy says we will develop “a strategic response to maintain natural functions of the inlet and representative habitats, under changing conditions of sea level”.

So we have responded to the Council, explaining how the productive salt marsh and coastal margin vegetation can be given room to migrate inland as the sea level slowly rises.

Richmond Catchment Management Plan

Only rain down my drain

Illustration in the Richmond Catchment Management Plan

After many years of preparation, Tasman District Council (TDC) has adopted a holistic approach to managing stormwater in Richmond.

It aims to improve flood resilience as well as protect our waterways and the environment.  Since all of the town’s waterways flow into the Inlet, the quality of the flows directly affect it.

The Council asked to Waimea Inlet Forum to provide feedback to the draft plans.  We responded with a submission.  You can read it here

The final documents adopted by the Council take the form of an Urban Stormwater Strategy and a Richmond Catchment Management Plan, along with supporting documentation.  A district-wide urban stormwater discharge consent application will be publicly notified later.

Full details of the final Strategy and Plan are on the TDC website:

Urban Stormwater Strategy

Richmond Catchment Management Plan

The proposed water contamination risk objectives are:

TDC proposed water contamination risk ojectives

A background report identifying existing stormwater quality and contamination risks was written in 2010.  It gives a lot of detail about the quality of the various streams and drains entering the Inlet and is worth reading.

See the video about the Battle for the Banded Rail

Battle for the Banded Rail logoThe Battle for the Banded Rail is focused on restoring birdlife to Waimea Estuary in Nelson. It’s built on thousands of hours of volunteer work. In 2017 over 250 volunteers contributed more than 1,500 hours of time – checking trap lines, planting, weeding and more…

Tracey Murray and Kathryn Brownlie were recently interviewed about the achievements by Predator Free NZ.

Check out the video and you’ll see how the enthusiasm of volunteers is making a big difference around the shores of the Inlet.

A big thanks to those of you who have been helping us with the Waimea Inlet Action Plan

Members of our Waimea Inlet Coordination Group have been working with the signatories of the Waimea Inlet Charter to plan specific future actions that need to be done to fulfil the hopes and aspirations in the Waimea Inlet Management Strategy.

Draft Action Plan

We have put together a draft Action Plan, and about fifty members of the Forum and interested individuals got together in a workshop to check through it.  We gathered lots of very useful feedback.  We also received a number of written comments.

Your comments

The many useful responses helped us to fine-tune the Plan.  A big thank you to all of you who have contributed.

It is a living document, so it is likely to be tweaked further as time passes, but this version is pretty well there.

Update as at August 2019

The plan has now been finalised, and the final version is here:
Waimea Inlet Action Plan 2018-2021.

Tasman District Council endorsed it in April, and Nelson City Council Planning and Regulatory Committee did so on 28 May.

You can read the newspaper report of the TDC meeting here

And the media release by NCC here