Many thanks to all who helped at the Community Planting Days on the Waimea Inlet in 2022

This winter’s planting for the Battle for the Banded Rail is now completed, with over 10,000 new plants in the ground around the Inlet’s shoreline. Many thanks to all of you who helped with this outstanding effort.

We now need to look after the new plants while they get established. Work over the next few months will include weeding, cutting back grass which competes with the plants, and removing plant guards once the plants are big enough to look after themselves.

If you would like to join any of the weekly weeding bees, which are held every Friday, please email or give Kathryn a call on 544 4537 and she will tell you where and when to meet.

The first maintenance session is on Friday 30 September at the reserve at the end of Research Orchard Road from 9am to 11am.

For more information email us at or phone Kathryn 544 4537

Contact: Kathryn Brownlie
Phone: 03 544 4537

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