Draft Richmond Catchment Management Plan

Only rain down my drain

Illustration in the draft Catchment Management Plan

After many years of preparation, Tasman District Council (TDC) has now announced a new holistic approach to managing stormwater in Richmond.

It aims to improve flood resilience as well as protect our waterways and the environment.  Since all of the town’s waterways flow into the Inlet, the quality of the flows directly affect it.

The Council has asked to Waimea Inlet Forum to provide feedback to the proposed plan.  We have responded with a submission.  You can read it here

Full details of the proposed Plan are on the TDC website:

They take the form of a draft Richmond Catchment Management Plan and a draft Urban Stormwater Strategy, along with supporting documentation.  A district-wide urban stormwater discharge consent application will be publicly notified later.

The proposed water contamination risk objectives are:

TDC proposed water contamination risk ojectives

A background report identifying existing stormwater quality and contamination risks was written in 2010.  It gives a lot of detail about the quality of the various streams and drains entering the Inlet and is worth reading.

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