Getting Involved

Forum Meetings

Waimea Inlet Forum meetings are held when there are matters of wide interest to discuss, generally about twice a year, and are open to the public.

The Forum’s Working Group meets informally at the Mapua Hall every two months, to co-ordinate activities and projects around the Inlet.  If you would like to join in with us, please come along and introduce yourself to us at one of those meetings.  For details, please use the form below.

Restoration Planting on Public Land

We run planting and maintenance working bees to restore native plants and ecosystems at a number of locations around Waimea Inlet, including Bell Island, Dominion Creek, Stringer Creek.

You will be very welcome to come along. Bring a spade and gloves.

Restoration Planting on Private Land

If you live around Waimea Inlet and would like to restore native plants and ecosystems on your land, you’ll find lots of useful information in this guide written by the Department of Conservation.  You can also click here to see the TDC Restoration Planting Lists for more information on which plants are appropriate for your area.

Predator Trapping

We have established a big network of predator traps around the Inlet.   Use this link to volunteer to help our trapping volunteers in their activities.

Responsible Cat Management

In 2016 we ran a pilot project to protect vulnerable native wildlife on the Waimea Inlet by trapping feral cats while also protecting domestic cats and encouraging responsible cat management.  The project was – and extended – in mid-2017.  You can find out more about it on this website:

For more information on getting involved with the Waimea Inlet Forum, use the contact form below.

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