Waimea Inlet Charter

Signatories of this Charter are people and organisations who stand for a regenerative future for the Waimea Inlet

This is a Charter  amongst those who live around or care about the Waimea Inlet

We recognise…

  • the Waimea Inlet is a place to be appreciated
  • the actions we take today will have consequences for generations to come
  • the contribution each of us can bring, and the great worth of working together

We acknowledge…

  • the richness of life of the Inlet
  • the tangata whenua and their mana whenua
  • those who have lived here in times past, and their stories, and those today that contribute to the economy and welfare of the people of the region
  • the inlet as a home, nursery and feeding ground for a diversity of bird, plant, and fishlife, and that this biological diversity has been significantly reduced by human activity
  • that wise and positive steps now will result in greater health, wealth and beauty for the inlet and its surroundings, for our children, grandchildren and generations to come

We affirm…

  • the value of inviting many contributions, small and large; and of working together
  • our need to protect and sustain the vulnerable parts and places; and nurture the health and well-being of the whole
  • the challenge to share opportunities and co-operate
  • our opportunity to restore and regenerate
  • the need for early action, ongoing tenacity, and commitment, to inspire and enrich

I/We commit today to the future of the Waimea Inlet

On Charter Day 27th of September 2010

Signatories of this Charter will join the Waimea Inlet Forum as Charter Members.
The Forum seeks to support local collaboration and promote local and wide appreciation of the Inlet, its communities and its treasures; and wise positive steps of action and learning together.

Waimea Inlet Charter - Charter Day Version copy

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