A big thanks to those of you who have been helping us with the Waimea Inlet Action Plan

Members of our Waimea Inlet Coordination Group have been working with the signatories of the Waimea Inlet Charter to plan specific future actions that need to be done to fulfil the hopes and aspirations in the Waimea Inlet Management Strategy.

Draft Action Plan

We have put together a draft Action Plan, and about fifty members of the Forum and interested individuals got together in a workshop to check through it.  We gathered lots of very useful feedback.  We also received a number of written comments.

Your comments

The many useful responses helped us to fine-tune the Plan.  A big thank you to all of you who have contributed.

It is a living document, so it is likely to be tweaked further as time passes, but this version is pretty well there.

Update as at August 2019

The plan has now been finalised, and the final version is here:
Waimea Inlet Action Plan 2018-2021.

Tasman District Council endorsed it in April, and Nelson City Council Planning and Regulatory Committee did so on 28 May.

You can read the newspaper report of the TDC meeting here

And the media release by NCC here


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